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Camp Adventure
9470 SW 49th Place
Cooper City, FL 33328
P. 954-475-8650

C.I.T. Program



Welcome to Camp Adventure! We are looking forward to another fun filled summer, with many new faces, as well as returning campers, and C.I.T.s to help make this summer one of the best ever! The Camp Adventure C.I.T. Program will only be taking applicants that have been campers at Camp Adventure prior to applying as a C.I.T., are a minimum of 14 years old by the start of camp, and must be entering at least 9th grade. The C.I.T.’s job responsibilities are to assist their head counselor with the set-up and break down of games, as well as to provide and extra pair of eyes throughout the day. A C.I.T’s job is not the direct supervision of campers.

The Camp Adventure C.I.T. Program will cost $125 per week, with a one time $50 registration fee. Each C.I.T. will be given a self-evaluation every Wednesday to be completed and turned in to their counselor Thursday. Their counselor will complete an evaluation Thursday, then give both evaluations to Scott. Scott will average the scores to determine each C.I.T.’s weekly pay. 38 – 40 points will earn $75, 34-37 points will earn $50, and 30-33 points will earn $25. If a C.I.T. fails to earn a minimum score of 30 points for the week, they will not be paid. The C.I.T. will be given a one week probation to improve their job performance. C.I.T.’s who cannot perform to expectations may come to camp as a camper, or may make other summer plans.

All C.I.T.’s must attend camp a minimum of 3 weeks in order to attend Session 3 – any 3 weeks will suffice.

Registration Information
Mail-In Registration – Camp Adventure will be accepting mail-in registrations through June 1st, 2019. Just click the link above, download application, and follow the instructions provided on the checklist.

Registration at Tree Tops Park 
Scott & Fran will be at Tree Tops Park the following Saturday dates:

April 20th, May 4th, May 18th, June 1st from 9 AM to 2 PM.

Follow the signs to the Camp Adventure Pavilion.May