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Camp Adventure
9470 SW 49th Place
Cooper City, FL 33328
P. 954-475-8650

Camp Adventure Is Getting Ready For An Amazing Summer 2024!

Fran and I are very excited to get our 2024 Camp Adventure summer camp program back up and running! This summer we will be celebrating 26 Years of Camp Adventure!  After the summer of 2021, we have decided to make the Calvary Fellowship Church our new home base.  We are making this move to Calvary Fellowship Church permanent, after 23 wonderful summers operating out of Tree Tops Park.  Included in our decision making process was the thought of being outside all day at Tree Tops Park without air conditioning, and being exposed to unpredictable weather, to how welcoming and helpful Pastor Barry and Pastor Ace have been the last three summers, as well as the awesome inside space made available to us.

Beginning the summer of 2021, we will be running camp permanently at the Calvary Fellowship Church, located at 8530 Stirling Road, which is next to the Neighborhood Walmart and across from the JCC. Please continue reading to see some of these changes.

Camp Adventure Mission Statement:

It is our mission to provide children with a variety of fun-filled activities while maintaining a safe, nurturing, and enjoyable environment.

       Are you ready for another             “Fun-Filled Summer Adventure”?

We offer many fun and exciting activities for our campers at Camp Adventure!    We are going back to our original camp blueprint, which includes Wacky Olympics session 1, Carnival session 2, and Lower Camp Color War, as well as our Middle, Upper, and Teen Camp Color War session 3. We have a blast with our summer camp activities here at Camp Adventure! At Camp Adventure we love all sports activities, especially the Camp Adventure specific activities such as Pirate Invasion, Avatar Ball, Pro-Bending, Gator Ball, Battle Ball, etc… (too many to name!). We  also really enjoy doing creative arts such as weekly arts & crafts projects, ceramics, as well as weekly science experiments.